B EM F is back !!


2 years Ago I went it was an awesome event with great sounds , drinks and very talented artist

Same location different time! Dooooo ittttt!!!

Guess who has the first link to the advance tickets!! For Advance tickets Click Here !
Last year was really dope ! Please go enjoy this year … P.S…. don’t never say I didn’t give you anything ! Lol


Ai Weiwei in BK!

IMG_9223One of the main reasons why I love New York is because of all the amazing art and artist.  A couple of weeks back I went to see the Chinese artist /  Political  Activist  AiWeiwei , According to What?  at the Brooklyn Museum . The exhibits were awesome and the messages were very clear.  A lot of the pieces dated  from theQing Dynasty. (1644-1911) and most of the stills were mainly used from life. I loved the stories each piece told and  how the break down of the actual craftsmanship is presented. The main print I went for was  “The Names of the Student Earthquake Victims

Names of the Student Earthquake Victims Founded by the Citizens' Investigation , 2008-11

Names of the Student Earthquake Victims Founded by the Citizens’ Investigation , 2008-11

Behind me is Black and White photo (Names of the Student Earthquake Victims Founded by the Citizens’Investigation , 2008-11) In Front of me is (Wenchuan Steel Rebar , 2008-12)

Names , year ,age and sex of each student

” it was a black and white  print created When Ai put together the Citizens ‘ Investigation Project . The goal was to compile a list of all the  children who died in the collapsed school houses. The list , which records the name , year,class and sex of each victim , has grown to include over 5,000 names . The Investigation continues.

The installment in front of me is called  Wenchuan Steel Rebar , 2008 -12 IMG_20140622_154430 Ai Weiwei uses rebar recovered from the rubble of collapsed school houses in Sichuan following in the 2008 earthquake.  these pieces touched me the most because as a preschool teacher  and a human being it would destroy me inside to come to school one day only to discover all of my babies had been taken away by such a horrific tragedy . I honestly was blown away to see each installment together in person . I could never know the pain these families went through but , through these  amazing pieces they live on .

The Exhibit even had a lot fun areas and lots of beautiful installations that were whimsical and very creative .


Moon Chest 2008 7 chest in Chinese quince (huali) wood showing every phase of the Moon .


Grapes ,2010 40 antique wooden stools from the Quing Dynasty (1644-1911)


Teahouse, 2009 Houses literally compressed of tea

top row of pictures (Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn, 1995/2009) bottom Han Dynasty Vases dipped in industrial paint

Bowl of Pearls, 2006


Another Phase in the Moon Chest


He Xie, 2010

IMG_20140622_153025 IMG_20140622_153035IMG_5319IMG_7518IMG_8498 IMG_20140622_155056Walking around seeing everything was so breath-taking and full of emotion and the promise of breaking through as you continue on you also are quickly reminded of why Ai Weiwei is a Political Activist with pictures and literature showing and visually illustrating his journey dealing with Chinese authorities .

Ai Weiwei in the Elevator When taken into Custody by the Police , 2009

Ai Weiwei in the Elevator When taken into Custody by the Police , 2009


Brain Inflation ,2009

Brain Inflation ,2009

Overall between ground breaking architecture , cause and a wonderful story … Ai Weiwei at the Brooklyn Museum was something i’m so glad i didn’t miss ! . SO! Ladies and gents if you’re looking for a little culture , art and a celebration of being out of the box please check this exhibit out!

AS always Dolly! xoxo IMG_20140622_153918


Pharrell x Adidas Stan Smith Hand Painted Sneakers

thesnobette-adidasxpharell-stan-smith-A beautiful boutique in france Colette is a French “brick-and-click” clothing and accessory retailer. The three floor 8,000 square feet concept store is located in Paris and contains an exhibition space, bookshop, and a “water bar”


has announced via Twitter it will be offering a very limited edition collection of just ten Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers, all  hand-painted  by Pharrell Williams. The shoes  go on sale May 28th and feature designs that  come from the heart . I looked at all the styles and they very much remind of the singer’s “Happy” song. The-snobette-ADIDAS_PHARRELL2-517x345Proceeds from the sale of the sneakers will be donated to From One Hand to Another.  

Updates !!! Ahhhh!!


Thank you ….. and your welcome .

The year is now 2014 and besides turning 28, A lot of crazy , sad , spectacular and ridiculous things have happen . Most of you don’t know this but, my blog is five years old lol . “When did it start ” my page officially started December 2009 and was called “BI-Challenged” , but due to a large mass of followers thinking I was “BI” I changed the name . When I first moved back to New York in 2011 the name was changed to “Little Dolly Big City” because of all my funny mis-adventures on the daily and has been that way ever since. Currently for almost a year now I was blessed back into the hearts of the small .My small wonders reside in “The Burg” and that’s how most of my days have been starting now.

Followed by my boo , Hello immediately after

Still partying hard and in December of 2013 I was accepted into “Bank Street college of Education”. I’m going back to college to obtain a CDA in early childhood education.
God has been really good to me last year and since the new year has started …it seems I’m still getting into mischief , bumping into wonderful people and strolling into amazing events ! .
My Dear Friend Lu came to visit , he his friend Ian and I went to visit “A-1 records

The shop was also recently featured in Pharrell Williams song “Happy”



This was a blast and ever need of dope Vinyl immediately ask for Mike. The place is surrounded with records top to bottom and you can sample before you purchase!.

This weekend though I was invited out to see an Off Broadway performance called “Sex Tips For a Straight Woman from A Gay Man”
Omg I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes


Honestly posting pics of what happened wouldn’t even do the show justice lol best comedy I have seen so far this year . Hopefully I’ll see more than that as the months roll in , don’t worry I’ll keep you posted these are my small updates look for more this week !

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (The DJ Hero returns) Morri$

Every year in Brooklyn for those of you who don’t know there is an Electronic Music Festival. A festival of crazy set’s,ridiculous beats and rhythmic melodies… for Brooklyn this was the 5th year.

This year it was held at Public Assembly , a spot in Williams burg that holds a lot of great acts, parties and events.  I had been here prior due to another event but, I heard about this one via my Homeboy “RECIOO”  I had to come out.

I know a lot of you are just starting to read my page and  you don’t know that I do a lot of interviews . The first really dope music interview I had , was with a lil Kansas smart kid a used to work with back in the day . The interview was so great and full of passion I knew one day it would go absolutely far and would return one day with a harder punch then it did the first time . The interview was with my friend whom which I call “The DJ Hero” but, the whole world knows him as “Morri$.

Yup Morri$ came to home my town and not just on some simp stuff, but with even bigger 808 kick drums , sharp rolling snares and bigger frames then when we first met ! lol . He wasn’t the only fam that came to visit like I said my boy “Recioo” , “MRSWTRS” and the lovely “OH Juicy”came as well . The fam all met back up to support our friend for a little over four years now. I love the vibe we all had the memories and Morri$ set was so awesome and we were all proud!

The set started real smooth .. made you twerk and ended out face down ass up ! lol  Just like his sets used to when he first got started back in the day . lol

Shot out to Morri$ congrats once again on your success and we all continue to support and follow up !

For Music from Morris go to http://www.soundcloud.com/phillybaby and instagram @neverhatephilly

Love Dolly!

Pink,Polish,Oils and Boobies! (Breast Cancer awareness month)

SO , as you know last month was breast cancer awareness month .I love thins month because besides the color pink and lots of funky feelings …. it’s a time where woman come together and support all of those who fight the great fight against breast cancer .

I was all over the place this month ! I went running in the park by my house with P.S. 113 , went to church and prayed for my two aunts who are survivors and even went to support my best friend and two other great woman who were spreading love in the great fight .

The First Lady was of course my sister from another mister “Kelly

Blackwell”  nail artist aka@ i_NAILED_IT.

Diana Long  Owner and creator of DIOSA nails beautiful nail polish line “DIOSA” which is spanish for “Goddess”@diosanails

and last but , not least . Maryam Moma  Tanzanian -Nigerian ,fashion model @maryammoma and  creator of “YAMERRA” a line of luxurious, handmade 100% all natural organic shea butter for hair and skin.

The three girls came together to do a little event in SOHO. The even was so sweet and touched a lot of hearts , skin and nails . The collaboration was great, Kelly had made a sweet nail pallet to choose from with Diana’s Diosa polish .

and Maryam created a line of  beautiful smelling oils and shea butter which was fabulous. The woman had done a wonderful job , left beautiful memories and shared awesome moments with all different types of woman.

I was happy I was able to stop through and add this story to my blog it was really special.

For more information on “Yamerra”  www.YAMERRA.COM


to book any appointments with Kelly please contact her at inailedit21@gmail.com